Monday, October 15, 2007

Egel Nest Award!

Imagine my surprise, when I log on with French Vanilla coffee in hand, Paul Deen style, & I discover that Julie, from Joyful Days has been so kind as to include me in some very auspicious company, for which I feel poorly dressed to be in their presence! My heartfelt laughter and gratitude, Julie! Thank you for your generosity and all things gracious! I am always blessed and uplifted when reading your insights and commentary!

As she noted, I am a beginner, so I am hoping I have the netiquette right in noting the Egel Nest Award originator is Bradley Egel. You should drop by Egel's Nest , if you have't yet. I had never seen his site until today & I have to say, WOW! I have lots of great, new and humorous stuff to read! I like very much!

I would like to share this recognition with some blogs that I have discovered & find encouraging:
  • Cecily @ My Chaos My Bliss - Absolutely rib-splitting family stories! Great photos, also.
  • Leann @ Prattling Pastor's Wife - Good thoughts on all things family, church, marriage and home school life.
  • New discovery here for good thoughts on life from a military perspective of a wife & home school mom.

I know if you visit them, you will not be disappointed!

Have a laughter filled day!


Leann said...

How totally cool!!! Congratulations on your award. The few days I have known about your blog I have thoroughly been blessed in reading! I also wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words about my blog and for your encouragement to me, too!!!!!

Cecily R said...

How so totally nice you are!!!!! You have made my day, thanks so much!!!

I will do my very best to deserve such praise...and will check back with you often!


The Egel Nest said...

Hi -

I am very happy you received this award. I started it with just a few blogs in mind and it has spread to over 1,000 blogs...amazing!

I love the fact that you enjoy my blog and passed the love on to some friends.

Also, this might sound silly...but you misspelled the award name and my blog last name is EGEL..not EGLE...but is pronounced just like the bird, Eagle...Since it is my name, I want to keep it spelled right as it gets passed around! :)

Congrats again and thanks again from the kind comments!

Congrats on your Egel Nest award!

The Egel Nest

freetofly said...

Leann, you are so kind and very welcome! Thanks for the lovely post about your honey, he's awesome!

Cecily r, you are so welcome, & I love your blog! Great fun! Keep it coming, girl!

Congrats to you both, and please note, that earlier I have apparently have mispelled the blooming name all over the web today! Aagghh! LOL! - it is Egel, sorry if this has inconvenienced you!

To the illustrious Egel, Ooops! LOL! My apologies, sincerely!

I am diligently trying to clean up the egg on my face! But, at least it's Egel egg! :) Congrats to you, Egel, for having such eggsellent impact on the blogoshpere!

Seriously, thanks to all of you. You have made my day much fun!

Sorry, I just can't resist, though I know I should, I hope no one's feather's are ruffled! LOL!

Bye, ya'll!

The Egel Nest said...

Maria -

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on the blog...and for fixing my name...not sure how illustrious it is...but it is correct now :)

See ya soon :)

The Egel Nest

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog the past couple days. It looks like you might have just started blogging recently.

Congratulations on the awards. They are fun.

Jen said...

Thank you so much! That is very sweet of you!
God bless,

~ Melody ~ said...

Hi and congratulations on the award.

Thanks for stopping by Wrapped Emotions. I love that you loved it! It is my new blog, but I have been blogging for almost a year at my other place, Slurping Life.

I'll be back.

What Does it Mean Anyway? "Free to Fly"...

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