Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thursday Thirteen! Number 5 - All Time Favorite 13 Cartoons!

Here is a list of my top 13 cartoons to date!

  1. The first one I remember being attached to was Popeye! I remember nap time put me in danger of sleeping through it - this was a source of a few nap resistant dramas, I vaguely recall!
  2. Scooby - Do! My youngest got to enjoy the same cartoon as it enjoyed a 2nd time around during his 'toon days! It was fun to indulge with him.
  3. Flinstones! Recently, I watched a quick episode, just to remember what it was I liked...I always thought Wilma was so elegant in her red hair, droll humor, pearls and white cavewoman dress! How funny!! Seriously though, I can now testify; cartoons really do impact our young people! Or maybe I am very impressionable?
  4. The Jetsons! Who among us did not want to push a button and see a meal pop out, zip around in little space cars?
  5. Was it called Auggie-doggie and Doggie Daddy? Sounds like a rap label today! I just remember how funny it was to watch the one dog eat a doggie biscuit and he would jost float in ecstasy!
  6. Yogie Bear! "You gotta be smarter than the average bear! Hey, Boo-boo!"
  7. HR Puff-n-Stuff! I was glued to the Tv when the show came on, so concerned for the little boy who would get stranded on the stormy water! Whatever happened to that show?
  8. Zig-mund the Sea Monster...No explantation - just bizarre!
  9. Land of the Lost! My friend & I in High School, used the term "Sleestacks" as a code word in High School. We got it from this show! Typical high school behavior.
  10. Smurfs!
  11. Snorks!
  12. I miss these next two...part of the approaching empty nest syndrome sneaking up on me! Rocket Power was lots of fun to watch with my youngest. Remember Squid?
  13. How about Rugrats! Remember the BobFather!? I would watch them today! They were so cute!
I guess what prompted this, is I DO miss the innocence, from even just a few years ago. When I saw the Flinstones the other night, and realized in a flash, how much it had impacted me, I had to wonder...what sort of models do our daughters, nieces, granddaughters have today? Where is our Wilma? She was a cartoon, but, I knew she was feminine and lady like.

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Cecily R said...

We get Cartoon Network's Boomerang channel so we watch all these shows around here. Gracie is SERIOUSLY attached to Smurfs and Snorks. She is constantly singing "Come along with the snorks..." around the house.

And Scooby is like our pet. Man we're pet pathetic. :)

freetofly said...


Gracie sounds like such a sweet, funny-wild child (of course so does Isaac)! & I am sure Evie is gonna be right in there in no time!

Yeah, you need pets! That'd be a good post! Isaac would have him in a cape taking flying leaps like a super hero!! I can so picture this!

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