Friday, January 11, 2008

Butterflies & Romance!

Butterflies are something of a topic around our house!
For several reasons.
But, last year as I started spreading my wings a bit and embracing the gift God has given me, butterflies became even more important.
When that happened, my husband, my 'honey' as I like to call him, would sometimes have the urge to go run down a random butterfly he would see in the yard, and bring him to me.
Because he knew the importance of them to me, and what they mean to me.
Can I just say I would take one of these hard to catch butterflies, handed to me by my sweaty, breathing hard honey, in his bum-around the yard clothes, than any 10 pieces of jewelry!
That man is Da Bom, baby!
By the way, he caught me another one just this week! A cute little yellow one!
He let it loose in the house to fly around, then chased it down again to let it free outside!
As Barbara Mandrell use to sing, he can eat crackers in my bed anytime!


luvmy4sons said...

Love it! I can feel your love and joy. It is so awesome. Thanks for sharing it. It is so important to appreicate the little gifts God gives us in this life. Your spirit is so clearly felt in this post and it is contagious. Thank you!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

How sweet!

luvmy4sons said...

I woke this morning thinking of a place here in Ohio. The Franklin Park Conservatory. You would love it! Every spring they have a show case with crysalises and cocoons and show the butterflies and moths coming out and drying their wings. Then you enter a tropical wonderland with waterfalls and vegetation everywhere and they release the butterflies. They are EVERYWHERE often lighting on you. I have this awesome pic a close up of my third son with one on his finger next to his face. But it crashed with the last computer. Maybe I can find it on our recovery CD. I awoke today thinking of you and your butterflies. What a hoot!

freetofly said...

Leslie, I am glad it shows! That man is so good to me! Thank you for your so kind words! You are such a blessing!

Heidi, isn't he though? Thank you!

Leslie, OH MY GOODNESS! How beautiful that would be! Can you imagine how beautiful butterflies will be in Heaven?!

Have a great weekend, Ya'll!

luvmy4sons said...

I'd have to say this was one of my favorites. I can just see you with the butterfly flying around in your house. What a neat hubby!

Joyful Days said...

This is precious!!

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