Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Music Video - Very Moving! Featuring Simple Plan

My youngest is going through an AVID,
(yes that was all caps, sorry!) music phase.
He is a drummer
which has been so many ups and downs, this year in the making.
But I have to say,
worth every bit of teen angst & mommy drama
at paying for 2 sets (long story).
I just have to say
that God blessed us over and over again
this year, to make all this possible.
For him to get lessons, learn, get a position
on the kids praise team at church,
get a regular set to practice at home,
get an electric set because that is what we use at church,
and the rest too much drama and too private for him
for me to gab about.
All That To Say - That as a result,
he is constantly looking and exploring for new groups, sounds and tunes.
Last night he came across a worthy find.
(That's the best part, Ya'll!
He actually shows me his music! So cool!)
The band is called Simple Plan,
& the title of the song
(from what I can gather)
is called Untitled.
It's about drunk driving,
and the video is so powerful.
For a change, I actually watched the video
more than listened to the song.
It is good enough that I thought I'd actually
put it here for, you all to check it out for yourselves
...seeing is believing for some things!
You may want your kids to see it, too!
P.S. You need Kleenex!


Matchbox Mom said...

wow! I've heard that song before, but I had no idea that it was about drunk driving! What a good lesson!
Thanks for sharing, you're so sweet! You're right, I did need a tissue, I thought I would be okay, but man! That was good!

Joyful Days said...

What a moving video. That was a tear jerker.

We have drums here too. Although we are not in lesson phase yet, they are a good tool for getting energy out sometimes. We live in a duplex and thankfully the teen next door got his drums shortly before we got ours so we all share the beat. :^)

freetofly said...

Hey there Matchbox Mom!

So glad you dropped by! I know! This video just breaks your heart, doesn't it? I love that he shares his music with me, I would never have known about it!

P.S. we were just playing that Matchbox video "How Far We've Come"! I never get tired of that song!

Joyful! Hi there! So glad you could come out & play! It really is a tear jerker, I know!

How cool your neighbors got them too! Then you have no worries!

Did you get electric? Because if you did, then he can use headphones & not turn the amp on - then no one else will hear at all...that is really nice too!

Mel's World said...

Dang...I STILL have goose bumps and the video ended a few minutes ago!

What an amazing message and powerful example that there are always consequences to every action.

Thanks for putting it up!

Mel's World said...

Oh...I have a "drummer" boy at my house too!

My youngest, Bailey, has been playing for about 3 years now (he started when he was 8 years old) and actually LOVES to share his music, his drums, his guitar (yep...he plays that too!), and his band (they meet in our garage) with us. Thank you Jesus for that!

Carole said...

A week ago today a little punkin
(16 years old) in our neighborhood was driving to some school function and it was raining. It was 4 in the afternoon. About 500 yards from my house there is a sharp turn and Rhy lost control and his vehicle and sideswiped another. He is dead. She, one of his teachers actually, is in the hospital in serious condition. No drinking, but he wasn't wearing his seat belt. It broke my heart to watch the video and to know what Rhy's family is going through. He most likely would have made it if he'd been wearing his belt. Heartbreaking.

Cecily R said...

Maria I love your relationship with your kids! You're awesome.

I'm with Matchbox--I had no idea that was about drunk driving! Those stories make me so sad. It is a good lesson for everyone though, so thank for putting it up.

luvmy4sons said...

Wow! I didn't listen and had no Kleenex. Thanks for posting it. I was blown away. Awesome message. Thank you. I showed it to my sons!

Tiffany said...

Very moving! Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope to have a close relationship with my son as he grows and gets older. Treasure it!

Karen said...

Soooo cool. Thanks for sharing it.

freetofly said...


it really speaks doesn't it? How awesome that you have a drummer boy, too! ANd even better that you have the garage to let them rock in and share with friends! A great blessing!


That hurts... what a terrible tragedy...

Hey, Cec!

Thank you! That is a really sweet thing to say! I am so grateful! IS your book done yet, Gurl?


:) Kleenex! I'm telling ya'! I still need 'em! Glad your sons got to see it!


I promise, you have so much good stuff ahead of you! It just gets sweeter!


Glad you got to check it out! I know you are a lyrics person, I amtoo, but, this video was an exception for me...

Hope you are all doing great!

Hey, It's almost Christmas! Woot!

Mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary said...

Very powerful! Every teen should see this before he/she ever drives a car. Thank you for posting it and thank you also for posting the Spirit of Christmas award on your last post and keeping it in its original context.

I've enjoyed visiting your blog and also your comments on mine.


freetofly said...

Hi, Mary! So glad you enjoyed it! & You are certainly welcome! I will be keeping in touch. You always have good things to say over at your place!

Thanks so much for creating something wonderful & Christmasy to share with everyone!


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