Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Ray of Sunshine!

My sweet and funny blogging friend in Christ, Karen at Karen's Ramblings, recently spread some sunshine among a wide array of her 'net friends, including me. This is just like Karen to do something like this. In the short time I have known her she has encouraged me greatly in a number of ways. She spreads sunshine and sweetness where ever she goes on the 'net. She seems to effortlessly (though I know it is not with out effort - she just makes it look that way), draw women into a feeling of community on the 'net, and it is such a blessing. I can always count on her site to give words that are uplifting, grounded in truth and even witty (a combination I value greatly!).

Her award came at a fortuitous time for me, as I was feeling a little "funky" at the time. I have somehow managed to make and lose friends on the blogg-o-sphere just very recently, and as my goal is to edify and encourage, that was really bumming me out, I guess you could say!

So, thank YOU, Karen, for being such a consistent reflection of the love of Christ and just all-round giver of cheer! May the God of all peace richly bless you and your family, near and far with all joy and hope in believing!

I would like to share this award with some ladies that (as far as I know) didn't just get this award and always share sunshine and encouragement with me.

Grab the button, and please accept my thanks for you and for your blog's sunny disposition!

A blog that is new to me, and AWESOME in truth & wit, Mrs Fussypants (I recently told my husband & son that I had come across the "Queen of Bloggers" they did NOT get it, but if you drop by - YOU certainly will!), Leslie at Do You Weary Like I Do?, Julie at Joyful Days, Kara at Looking Towards Heaven (this blog I also just discovered, but you will like!), Karen at Survivng Motherhood (actually - I think Karen may have given this to her as well, but, she is on my heart just now - so she gets it again!), and my BFF MaryAnn at MaryMine Designs. She is a faithful reader, sister, friend, and encourager extrodinaire! I am hoping she will soon delve into the world of blogging, and maybe you all will get to know her for yourselves!

Thanks to all - Hey, I am thinking of a song, it goes like this - "my future looks so bright - I gotta wear shades!" It must be my blogging friends on the horizon!


luvmy4sons said...

Too kind. Thank you dear sister. I don't quite get the whole award thing and how it works, but if I could I would give you many! You are a breath of fresh air and for the record, VERY ENCOURAGING! Thank YOU! Consider yourself awarded again!

Rachel said...

Aren't you darlin'! I saw your comment on fussy's page and thought I would come over and see your stuff and say Hi. So, Hi. ;-)

Cecily R said...

Oh I so hope I am not one of the bloggy friends you think you have made and lost! Made, yes. Lost, no. At least not for me!

You and I may come from different backgrounds, but I think we share some important similarities and I'm happy to have met you.

I'm glad Karen awarded you at such a perfect time. You deserve it.

Karen said...

Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging words, they blessed me no end, especially as my hubby is out of the City today and won't be back until very late, and I'm not feeling so flash in myself. May God bless you heaps and heaps!!

Joyful Days said...

How sweet you are!! Thank you for the bloggy blessing. You certainly do keep my encouraged and lifted up!!

Keep shining in Him,


Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...


*Blink, blink*

Wow, excuse me while I go get my ego under control.....

OK, I'm back.

THANK YOU! I'm so very touched and honored. I will happily put my award from you up on my little ol' blog.

Love & Blessings,

{Karla} said...

to be mentioned in the same breath as Fussy!

Thank you for passing this on to me!

I've enjoyed reading around your blog too!


Irritable Mother said...

Thank you so much for this award. It truly is my desire to be a blessing to other moms through my blog - to be a Ray of Sunshine - and I am glad you recognize me as such.
Loving Jesus,

freetofly said...


You are so welcome! No worries, just enjoy! I truly appreciate your kind words & will try to live up to them! I will be over for a read & a visit!


I am so tickled to meet you! Hope you are enjoying your visit! Is that your daughter? She is adorable! Isn't Fussy a riot? I will come over & visit later!


OMG, No way! You're stuck w/me unless you tell me to bug-off! I'm just not the kind of friend that 'dist-appears' as the little ones say! Besides, we are both women, wives, mothers, like blogging & like to laugh at fun stuff! What more could we ask for? That is a plethora of things! (word for the day):) Thank YOU!


You are so sweet! I'm hoping that you & your daughter have been able to rest & are on your way to recuperating!


You're so very welcome! & Ditto to you! You are the 1st friend I made on here! Ever so grateful!

Mrs Fusspants!

You are quite welcome! Keep on blogging, Girl! We need to 'fight the frump' :)


Truly! You should bottle it! ;-) I am glad you liked your visit! I hope you'll return! Your post on the Amazing Race was fantastic. It generated such thoughtful dialogue!


You are! Keep on shining!

Have a great evening, Ya'll! It was MUCH fun to share this!


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