Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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I LOVE, love, love The Holidays! Late October it starts coming on...that wonderful sense of expectancy. As soon as the humidity starts to improve, and the days get shorter. I am ready to start baking, putting up decorations, wrap presents. I love the baking, the company, and the indescribleable specialness of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Season! Above all, I love the sense of expectancy!

Expectancy: 1 a: the act, action, or state of expecting. b: the state of being expected. 2 a: something expected [their belief led to an expectancy].

I have always been the sort that goes to church with a similar sort of expectancy. A book which I am still reading "What is Your God Language, Dr Myra Perrine", says this type of trait is called an enthusiast. I pray with this sense of expectancy. Sometime this summer I started beginning the week with a prayer of expectancy. Recently, prior to attending the monthly ladies' meeting at my church. I felt a strong sense that God was correcting me about attending it without that sense of expectancy. In other words, I was pretty much getting ready to do what I truly abhor...punch the time clock. Go do what I do. Attend, see friends, hear some good teaching, then go run errands...ya...da..ya..da..NOT the way to approach life, really no matter what we're doing. Especially not in spiritual matters. So, properly chastised, I began cultivating that sense and praying over it. Guess what? I did NOT get to go! Scheduling sanfu here at the Pondersosa prevented it. So, I just decided to go with the flow, pray with expectancy for those who would be attending and go on about Ponderosa business! The meeting turned out good, good enough that Pastor Kathy shared the message with the rest of the congregation Thursday night at mid-week service. It was on Spiritual Armor, and she reminded us how boxers go to their corners and are reminded to "put their guard up". And these are times we all need our spiritual armor in place.

Any who, I guess the point of this is that sometimes our expectations don't go the way we pictured. Sometimes it even looks like the complete opposite, even what we would call a failure. Life happens. Life can be disappointing. The Holidays can be disappointing. But, God is our sure thing. Our constant hope, source and everlasting gift. He, as our Father, is pleased when we come to Him with expectancy, and then we don't throw it away, don't abandon hope in Him, regardless of the circumstances. Hebrews 11:16 talks of this "But the truth is that they were yearning for and aspiring to a better and more desirable country, that is, a heavenly [one]. For that reason God is not ashamed to be called their God [even to be surnamed their God--the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob], for He has prepared a city for them." Troubles can come, and even be devastating, but what they can't be is permanent. The worst that life brings can not take away our eternal nature. Our future with Him! And He is so pleased when we believe Him for good! Hebrews 10:23 " So let us seize and hold fast and retain without wavering the [c]hope we cherish and confess and our acknowledgement of it, for He Who promised is reliable (sure) and faithful to His word."

I am not going to be disappointed this Holiday, because my hope is anchored in Him!


Anonymous said...

OOOOh, I love the holidays. Thanks for the was wonderful!!

Rachel said...

I absolutely love that picture. It is so beautiful!!!
I loved this post, too. I am a huge holiday fanatic!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Sasha, the secret engine :-) LOL!

Sharon said...

This is a really good post.
I have been dealing with some heavy times lately.The sense of hope or expectancy has all but disappeared.I did not really realize that until I read this post.
This can not last forever--I like that.
I want to go back to the expectancy that carried me for so long. Hope--we can not face life without it. He is our hope.

Carole said...

Would you mind pulling up stakes and coming to live in my town and go to my church. How I wish the majority of Christians view life that way. Excellent.

freetofly said...


Great to see you! Yes! Isn't just a special time? I mark time by either how close it is to Christmas or how long since Christmas...


Hi there! Your Sasha the secret engine is just adorable! & where did she even get the name Boris from? What a vocabulary! Too cute!


Thank you. I am glad it encouraged you. Yes. The drearies DO tend to creep in, do they not? We must banish the drearies! :) I think it is time for some good music when the drearies come!


You are so sweet! I have to say, I think coming to faith thru trial & error & later in life, made me value it more...meaning I know what it is to live in muted blurry colors. When I finally "got it" everything was like HD TV! :)

You all have blessed me greatly! So glad you enjoyed!

I pray for a fresh wind of God's grace to refresh each of you today and this Holiday Season!

Karen said...

What another great post, you really get me thinking and inspired! I have tagged you by the way for 7 things!

What Does it Mean Anyway? "Free to Fly"...

Well, it's like this: Here are some of the Webster's Dictionary definitions of Free: a : having the legal and political rights of a citizen b : enjoying civil and political liberty c : enjoying political independence or freedom from outside domination d : enjoying personal freedom : not subject to the control or domination of another2 a : not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being : choosing or capable of choosing for itself...having a scope not restricted by qualification 7 a : not obstructed, restricted, or impeded ...Now, here are some of the Webster's Dictionary definitions of Fly:1 a : to move in or pass through the air with wings b : to move through the air or before the wind or through outer space c : to float, wave, or soar in the air ... a : to take flight ...6 : to work successfully ...Examples which apply from Websters: fly high : to be elated - fly in the face of or fly in the teeth of : to stand or act forthrightly or brazenly in defiance or contradiction of

What does this mean in my life? This means that in life we are meant to be free. While historically mankind has not always enjoyed the opportunity to fully appreciate what that means, we are so indescribably fortunate as to live in a time of the greatest spiritual, physical, financial and political freedom ever known. Freedom doesn't come cheap, nor does it come easy. But the best things in life don't come that way do they? As I write this I am struck by how this sounds like a political statement, and for me this is much more of a spiritual thing, but, same goes for that (political that is). Freedom doesn't come easy. And it's worth whatever fight you have to make to overcome in your life in order to live a life that succeeds. Now the questions is - what is success for you? What is your standard? In my mind what is needed is a definite target - because you can't hit and maintain a moving target. A stable, rock-solid, anchor with no variable, yet multi-faceted. Something pure, just and worthy. If you look at any web page of news you can see that our society is certainly lacking in this area. What a great time to live as a rebel! Nowadays to be a rebel, all you have to do is be willing to engage in the battle of life, while anchored to Christ!