Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Princesses of Power & Chocolate Fountains

On Friday Night, 30 November, my church Family Worship Center hosted our young ladies for a night of pampering, elegance and a little teaching to boot.

The person who organized and was responsible for bringing it all together was Pastor Mary Foust. She is such an awesome lady! She loves those kids and has such a heart for them to know all they can be in Christ, and to help equip them for a successful life of faith and service. She is retired Army (can you say hoo-uh!) & we call her SGT Mary sometimes. Let me tell you, I know the devil gets a migraine everytime she puts her foot over the side of the bed...

Anywhooo, the night was called Princesses of Power and it was all about pampering them and loving on them. Getting them to appreciate what it means to be a lady, and to know it is important to place value on yourself, because God does. And begin to teach them what that translates to in "real life".

They got facials, pedicures, their nails done, and someone from our church was kind enough to bring his equipment and take glamour shots of them. We even had a chocolate fountain for them to enjoy! Everything was done by valunteers from our church. It was so much fun!

I was so honored to be asked to come speak to these wonderful young women about Queen Esther. It had to be short and sweet, but make an impact. Let me just say that God is sooo good to make such things possible! I could tell you how extremely unlikely such an event would have been at various points in my life. But, that is another story.

The girls were absolutely fabulous! So attentive and respectful, as excited as they were. I wish I had pics to post, I hope to have some in a few days, I have asked for some to be e-mailed to me...

Here's the deal. I have started blog for them called Princesses of Power. We want to give them a place to go and have what we teach them on Sunday's and Thursdays be reinforced. Also, since this is the digital generation, they are on the PC anyway, so we want to be there also, giving them a place to create a healthy and truth filled sense of community. I hope to get lots of participation from them.

What I am hoping for from you all is, I am truly not so net-savvy as many of you. I also am a mother of sons only. How ironic that I would be drawn to this, I know! LOL! Many of you are more net savvy, and also many have daughters and granddaughters. I would so welcome ideas for good places I should link to for them, educational sites, entertainment and fun sites, etc. The age group is 6-12.

Thanks so much, prayer would be good too!


Carole said...

I can offer you prayer. I am completely un-net savvy. I will also recommend this blog to the youth leaders in our church for their young ladies to browse. Thanks.

freetofly said...

Carole, that means so much to me! I can't wait to pass out the flyers at church Thursday to the girls! I am hopeful this will be a blessing to them.

Thank you so much!

Karolee said...

I tried responding to your e-mail and not sure it worked since I got a weird message back.

Don't worry about your comment on my Evel post. I think it was great! I totally agree with you that we need to pray for celebs! Totally!

About this post.... As a mother of daughters, I'm not sure I am convinced that this is a good ministry. I want my daughters to be feminine but I also don't want them to be obsessed with nails, make up, hair, and other external things. I'll have to give this some thought.

freetofly said...

huh, that's weird about my e-mail, ?

Coolness regards to Evel K & Celebs!

I so hear you & agree about make-up & such. I probably have not communicated this well, and that is something I will have to work on. And it is sooo not just about that. We did not make them into Hoochie-mamas ;-) It was more about good grooming habits. I know this sounds like basic stuff, but not all people come from homes where there is emphasis on the basics or standards, so the media is the default go-to source. You are a very involved mother. But lots of young women are raised in situations where there is more survival going on than proactive living...We are prayerfully seeking to come along side families and help them take the initiative in training their young women on how peace on the inside will be reflected with peace on the outside...

I hope I haven't bungled this communication...

All said, its not for everyone, but you can still pray for us! :)

In hope,

Karolee said...

Glad for your response on this. I happen to be related to a beauty queen (She was in the Miss America pageant) and a MIL and SIL who are wanna be beauty queens - always pushing my beautiful daughter toward those "scholarships" (can you tell by my hunting garb that I am so totally not into that?) I tend to forget about the other side of things - those gals who don't comb their hair or clean under their nails. I can see the value of teaching them a few basics. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


freetofly said...

Gracious that would be overwhelming! I have to giggle bc I am soo with you on the whole casual thing!

re: the basics - You hit the nail on the head, it is exactly that sort of thing. And I am hopeful to be able to have the opportunity to teach them to be sensitive to timing and environments like; when to be casual and when to be dressed for nicer ocassions. Not to overdress, And to not feel intimated by any of those things...

Oooh, I can't be thinking too far down the road, that just leasds to me thinking OMGoodness this is too much! We are just happy to be getting started right now! LOL! One day at a time!

Thanks bunches!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

What a wonderful idea. I wish I had some ideas for you...

Mary said...

I will certainly offer up prayer for your ministry. Many young girls don't get the instruction they need at home.

I will have to give some thought to some good websites for the girls to visit.

Why don't you make a place right here in blogland? Get some people together to help you with a Kids' Korner. Anyone who writes about children's books or activities could help out and you could link to those sites. Just a thought.


Mel's World said...

WOW...what an awesome ministry opportunity! As a mom of sons I too would struggle with where to lead you, but I also can appreciate that God can (and does) stretch us to do things that we never thought we would have a passion great is our God?!?!

(I would start with Vicki Courtney's blog called Virtue Alert and see what you can come up with from there)

freetofly said...

Hi, Heidi! It will come together over worries, but, if you come across anything, drop me a line!

Mary, Thanks! Yes, I am working on a blog, looking for and finding links to make it useful for them.

Mel, Cool beans! I will go check that out! Thanks!

Thanks everyone, for all your prayers and well wishes!

What Does it Mean Anyway? "Free to Fly"...

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