Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Baby! : )

January 8th, 1993 our youngest son was born!
I remember the night before, in the hospital (he was a scheduled c-section),
the news was filled with information on the debut of the Elvis stamp,
to be released for the first time the next day,
in commemoration of Elvis' birthday.
I had to chuckle, because I knew
I would always associate it with my son's birthday!
How funny!
I had soooo many wonderful pictures we lost when our PC crashed back in December.
SO, I am limited to just a few right now, that don't tell the whole story!
I can't imagine really, what the world must look like, and feel like for our young people? Through their eyes, they have never known the security that we grew up having.

They never get the peaceful quiet times,
that we grew up thinking were the most boring thing on earth.
Nope, they are plugged in and hearing and doing all day, every day...

Who is the chubby woman in the background? And what is she doing in my Mama's house?
In my clothes?

He is such a smart, funny, sweet, generous and capable young man.
He can do anything he puts his mind to.
He's loyal to his friends and family.
He'll stick up for what's true, or whoever needs help, even if it costs him friends.
He is not shy about speaking up, or speaking out.
He has a great romantic streak that he got from his Dad!
He is pretty much fearless...
Recently, when we had a cold snap
(before Christmas)
we decided to build a fire,
and roast marshmellows
(love me some marshmellows and so does he!)
I was late getting out there, and by the time I got there,
the guys (his Dad & he)
decided to bond by taking on a "he-man" challenge,
is all I know to call it.
Here's the fire, just blazing away.
Here's Dad and our youngest setting up the ramp they were building
for him to jump it with his bike.
I was NOT happy with anyone right at that moment,
and did I mention, that I was NOT HAPPY!?!
They were committed to it, though.
That's the thing about guys, they bond over weird stuff...
and it's like, really important to them!
So, to pacify me,
Dad and Jason build a test ramp for the same height and distance.
...he successfully takes it on, several times...and then...
Viola! He does it!
He had room to spare!

Happy Tuesday, Ya'll!
And Happy, Happy Birthday, Jason!
My Baby is 15!


Fender said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

Karolee said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

So fun to have an Elvis connection. I have two gulf wars to connect to my daughters.

freetofly said...

Hey, Thinks Sis! Jason was tickled to see comments from you! (He knows they are valuable!)

Hi, Karollee! Thanks! Yeah! I think the Elvis thing is really cool! He never got to meet my Granddad,but, Elvis was something we shared an interest in, so it gave me something to help him relate to his Greatgrandaddy with!

The Gulf wars, what a contrast!?!

Thanks you all!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Happy Birthday!

I would be frightened and upset with the bike thing too.

Cecily R said...

Happiest Birthday Jason!!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

My son Michael was born on Aug 16--my aunt let me know that this is the anniversary of Elvis's death.
I don't think it has hurt him too bad. :)

luvmy4sons said...

Okay. Got to say, Oh heavens to Betsy over the jump thing! My third son ended up with a consussion when he tried to do a ramp jump! But I know what you mean about being powerless to stop some things. Happy Birthday to your guy! They are precious and grow up way too fast! Elivs, huh? Too cool?

Mel's World with Melissa Mashburn said...

Yahoo!!! Happy 15th Birthday Jason!

Happy day to you to mommy!

(I will NEVER let my boys read that part in the post about jumping over the fire pit!!!) NEVER, do ya hear me. I am with you on that...I am SURE that I would NOT be happy either!

At least he did it with room to spare and it is now something you all will never forget!

Ally said...

Your son looks really sweet. my middle boy will turn 15 on the
30th of this month too! Happy birthday to him!

Carole said...

Happy Birthdday Jason.

Happy Gray Hairs Continue Day to you mom.

And may I just say enjoy the minutes, seconds, and hours. It will slip through your fingers like sand and in another few seconds when you are rocking Jason's child you will wonder how it could have gone by so fast.

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Jason! What a sweet post! :)

Joyful Days said...

Happy Birthday, Jason!

It is such a blessing to read about families where there is so much love!

Sending an award your way, Maria.



sassiekiwi said...

Happy birthday Jason.

Love that you so love and enjoy your family. You are blessed. :)

Renee's Reading Corner said...

Happy belated Birthday, Jason!

freetofly said...

Heidi, I REALLY was at first, BUT, it actually turned out to be a GOOD thing for all of us! And they are sooo proud of how it ended! I wouldn't trade the memory for one where I fussed, they caved in, and there was no happy memory at the end...I have had enough of those moments in years past...I'm a slow learner, but, I like to think I am making progress! (now my secret is out!)

Hey, Cecily! Love those pics of your beautiful children in the snow!

Sharon, Now that is really something, we got him comin' - you got him goin'! LOL! ;)

Hey, Leslie! I KNOW! Heaven to Betsy is right! All's well that ends well! Phew!

Mel, LOL! My husband & son got such a kick out of your comment! They laughed! You are so right about the good memories!

Hey there, Ally! Great to hear from you! Well, in case I do not remember, Happy, Happy Birthday to yours! And thank you!

Carole, you aren't lying! It passes w-a-y toooooo fast! AND, thank goodness for hair color in a bottle! I have needed it since I was 24! LOL! That is what being a young mother will do to you! LOL!

Amy, thanks so much!

Julie, that is so sweet of you to say! It really means a lot! I get the same thing from your blog! It is always inspiring!

& goodie! I will have to check it out! That's so kind of you!

Hi there, Sassiekiwi! Great to hear from you! Thanks so much! I am very grateful! Hope all is well in the far east corner of your world! You know, you have a great family too, just with LOTS more kids!

Thanks, Renee! I have got to come back over today and get that terrific biscuit recipe again...I misplaced where I wrote it down! Yikes!

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! For all your kind wishes and comments! Jason has really gotten a kick out of this! It was very kind of you all to share in our fun! Thanks again!

P.S. the guys REALLY wanted me to emphasize they were Very careful! AND successful! All good! No bad!

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