Friday, February 29, 2008

I LOVE Shiny Red Metal things!

I'm a late bloomer when it comes to coffee.
I think in large part that is because I grew up when drinking coca-colas
was becoming mainstream, common.
As a matter of fact, I should say I became a young adult at that time.
Because the times I grew up in, drinking a coca-cola was a big treat,
and not something that was done daily.
At. All.
I could go on with that.
About how the American diet has greatly declined.
But, since I am a huge contributor to that, I won't go there today!
Let's just say that with my sons 9 years apart, that makes 20 years of being the
home in the neighborhood that the kids get homemade cookies,
cakes and whatever the flavor of candy is that we are into at that time!
(I've actually greatly improved about the candy the past year...
metabolism is not what it once was).

But since drinking sodas was such a BIG DEAL, when I moved out and got married at 18,

I could drink soda any day I wanted. Long as I could afford it!


For years, drinking coke, Dr Pepper, Mr Pibb, Mountain Dew, Sunkist, Code Red, Vault...

These were my caffeine of choice.

Now my parents on the other hand have always been coffee and hot tea people. Their caffeine had to be hot.

I never could make the leap. I remember my Mom telling me when I was in my 30s, that when I grew up I would move to hot beverages.

I also remember laughing smugly, as I recall!

Never happen, I said!

So, anywho, about 4 years ago my husband and I started wanting coffee during the winter. Quickly that became a spring, summer, winter, fall requirement!

Is that snickering I hear out there in Bloggyland?

We have gone through 3 coffee pots in that time. And the third one, was on its last legs, when I finally ordered it's replacement. Poor thing was a little $12 coffee pot, that we ran night and day (pot in the morning pot after dinner) for over one year.

But I wanted this certain kind of coffee pot. Walmart had it in the store for a while.

Now you can only get it from them on line. Since they have this particular pot for the best price I found. I ordered from them on-line, for the in-store pick-up thing they have.

The only problem with that is, that I thought I would order, then happily trot down to Walmart in about 3 days and bring my pretty new pot home.


2 weeks they say! ???????

Don't they know this is the instant society?

The age of drive through funeral parlors and do-it yourself divorces?

And 2 weeks for a coffee pot? Yikes!

Seriously, though, all kidding aside, I wasn't worried about it.

Because, I'm NOT addicted to coffee. No. Not at all.

I can take it or leave it!

Yeah! That's what I thought anyway!

I had not taken into account how I have come to rely on a hot cup of coffee, strong enough to stand up and walk, piping hot fresh, with a little Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and a little sprinkle of cinnamon!

I hear you all out there! I know you're laughing! :)

This has replaced my sweet tooth craving. Much less calories than anything else I use to get into! Trust me!

So, hopefully I will not gain back the 7lbs I have lost since the beginning of the year, BEFORE my beautiful, shiny RED Mr Coffee gets here!

Ya'll need to pray for me! :)

If you should hear of a woman in jeans too tight, storming Wal-mart with a water pistol, you may want to consider me on hiatus for a bit!

Kidding,Ya'll! I'll be good, promise!

Happy Friday!


Carole said...

I only do Dr Pepper. I cannot do any other drink, but water. If I need a hot drink in the winter I can manage about a half a cup of hot chocolate. Then I am tediously bored and go back to water.

I know this is not a good habit, but I just can't imagine drinking stuff that tastes like coffee. Or tea for that matter. So my hat is off to you for learning to like it.

freetofly said...

Carole, that's exactly what use to happen with me! I'd get bored! Like "what's the point?" It just "snuck up" on me! Not really sure how! But, I DO love my water too! Thank goodness! Maybe that will counteract all the other stuff! :)

luvmy4sons said...

That is one awesome coffee pot! Love it. Hope it gets there soon! I gave up soda four years ago and drink caffeine-free Chai tea at home. I will on occasion indulge in coffee concoctions at Starbucks as long as there is some sort of chocolate in it. But mainly I get Starbucks Chai tea latte with soy milk. About half the caffeine of coffee! I get most of my caffeine from chocolate. I confess.

Karen said...

Great post and I love the images you used too. As a Brit I grew up drinking tea for any and every occasion, be it a celebration, crisis you name it...then I married my hubby who doesn't drink anything hot and have got out of the habit. I find myself drinking Coke Zero - I must get back and have some tea!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am with you on the coffee.I have always loved it but it got its hook into me when I was in the restaurant business. A cup of coffee and a cig to start the day. The coffee has stayed the restaurant and the cigs have gone.
But I love me some coffee with half n half in the morning. Gotta have it.
Don't do it later in the day--but Paw Paw and I enjoy it in the morning.
So--be patient! I am mighty envious of that shinning red pot. But I am not feeling to bad because at least tomorrow morning mine will be brewing me up some good ole stuff.
Stay AWAY from the water guns!

Mel's World said...

That is SO awesome! I was a late coffee drinker, didn't start til I met dh and he is a coffee addict, so guess who picked up the pretty coffee cup with him...ME! Now, can't get my thinking cap on until I have a yummy cup of joe! Sad, I know, but true!

freetofly said...

Leslie, You know what? I have never tried the Chai tea thing! I know I'm probably missing out! Maybe I will do that next time I have an excursion! You like the pot,huh? Me too! I can't wait & neither can my sweet tooth! (snorts)!

Karen, thanks! Do I need to mail you a care package?! Kidding! I am sure you have lots to choose from over there. You just got out of the habit? You must treat yourself! The simple pleasures - we can get so much mileage from them!

Sharon-cuz! You wound me! Tell me at least that your coffee was too weak or something?! Kidding! I did pretty good today! So far the water guns are safe, but I 'm not promising anything for next week! Ha!

Mel, That's not sad! That's, that's, that's ME! :) So, I can relate! My hubby is the one who got me hooked!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Denise said...

Such a great post.

Anonymous said...

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