Friday, February 15, 2008

Warning! The Mushy Stuff Is Here! Enter at Your Own Risk!

Happy Friday, Ya'll!
I don't have a big reason for this post,
except to mush over my Honey!
So, proceed no further if you're not in the mood for mush!
Please forgive me!
You know, the 19th is just around the corner,
and I will be posting the February installment of
The Year of Romance.
But, today my Honey had to go back to work after a few days off.
And I'm just feeling mushy! You know that mushy feeling you get sometimes,
of "How did I ever get so blessed?".

That's one hard-working man!
Originally he had hoped to bang out this deck,
and maybe have a day to go fishing with a new surf fishing pole.
But, you know how one thing becomes two, becomes three?
Yeah, he's real familiar with that, too!

He built a deck with the help of his sons.
He worked with the oldest the first day, the youngest the second day.
The third day he was on his own.
The oldest called about time he was finishing up the third day,
"Will Dad help me fix my exhaust? I finally got that part he's been telling me I need."
Dad "Yes, tell him I will".

The simple 45 minute project turned into several hours,
but boy, did that Blazer sound good when they were done!
Then he went right over to help the youngest,
in the replacing of the plywood for his half-pipe.
Most of this day was in intermitten rain.

They all were working near each other and having a great time.
I know that might sound crazy,
but they really seemed to enjoy themselves!
There is nothing like a hard-working man!
Except maybe, the possibility of raising two additional ones!

And he even made Valentine's sweet for me last night,
when I was already just completely happy
that he took some days off with me!

You know, there are times in a marriage,
where you just sort of well, let's just say it,
you don't feel mushy!
But, you made a committment,
so you decide to treat them, like you hope they will treat you,
you pray, you learn to speak up, at the right time, with the right words,
and you learn to get over your need to be "right".
(And I'm just telling what he's had to go through! :)
Weeks like this are exactly why! There is a pay-off!

Next month will be the 26th anniversary of when I met him,
and a week later of our first date.
26 years!
Truly God is good!
We were kids.
We didn't have a clue what we were doing,
and maybe it was better that way!
There was so much we didn't know! Still is! LOL!

Well, it's back to catching the bad guys and keeping the peace.
Which is what we use to tell our youngest when he was little,
and his Dad went to work.
We always waved good-bye!
If I'm fortunate, I'll be able to type faster than you can read now!
See you soon!



Sharon Brumfield said...

Hey I see you learned how to put something in the comment box--way to go girl!
It is pretty dangerous to tell me you want to hear what I am thinking-got a couple of hours? Ha! No I am serious. ;)
I am glad you had a good time with your man. It is so good when we can dwell peaceably with our men. And even better when our hormones line up and we can dwell with them in a mushy romantic way. Know what I mean? Blessed hormones!
God must have really loved us women to give us the emotional side of His personality.
Enough mind wandering. Have a great weekend.
I'll have to start working on my romance post--mine is the 22.
Have you thought about putting the Romance post for the month up as a sticky post. It just means you change the date of the post to like Oct of 2008-then anything else you post will come up under it.That way newbies coming to your sight will see it. Just a thought.
See what you get when You tell me you want to know what I am thinking.
Oh--btw--I talk with my hands too. Watch out if I get excited-beware the flying hands.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I find that incredible that you know the date that you met him.

I can't even remember what date we got engaged anymore, and it hasn't been THAT long!

luvmy4sons said...

You know girl...I could just so understand the emotions you spoke of in this post. After our morning today where we grouched at each other he came home and well..I understand. We met in October of 1981-27 years this fall and 24 years of marriage this St. Patrick's Day. We were real young too. Something else we share! Love ya!

Regina said...

Awesome post , thanks for sharing your heart with us! I am sure someone can learn and grow from this!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

If you care to play, I tagged you for a meme. No pressure though!

Denise said...

I totally understand these emotions my friend. I love the mushy stuff, thanks for sharing your heart.

freetofly said...

Thanks, Sharon for your help with this!

I have time, if you have time, Sharon my friend! Yes, when every thing lines up, it sure IS nice! I don't take it for granted, bc by this many years together, I have had plenty of times we missed each other! Hormones? Did you say the "H" word? I try not to acknowledge that thing! :)

Heidi! All I can say is it has a lot to do with being a teen in love when I met him! And I kept like this journal of sorts by writing on my calendar. Then I saved them. For like years! I'm over that now, but, the dates, they stayed! Oh, P.S. I LOVE that me-me you tagged me for! I can't wait to do it! I will post tomorrow on it! Thanks so much for thinking of me!

Leslie, it is so neat that we have this so similar. So much about the times and growing up together we can relate to. And's it's almost your anniversary! Way neat!

Regina, you are too kind! I just appreciate you all letting be a mush for a change! I couldn't help it! Sometimes you just gotta let whatever is bumping around on the inside, come out on the outside!

Denise, You are great at sharing that stuff. Not as easy for me! You are a good egg!

Happy Sunday, Everybody!

Anonymous said...

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