Friday, February 29, 2008

Sun Bathing!


Sunshine! Warmth! That radiating heat that just feels scrumptious

on your face, and your entire body!

Growing up in a coastal town, and having a skin tone that tans easily,

I started sun bathing when I was like 9-10 years old.

Once motherhood came, moments to sun bathe have been F-E-W!

Because you always have to watch for the kids, make sure they're safe.

But we just built that back deck, and while I haven't been ready to lay out

and sun bathe (even that word, "bathe" bathe in the sunshine, in the golden warmth!)

just yet. I have enjoyed greatly going out and sitting in the sunshine.

Everytime I get that sun-beating-down-on-me-feel-good-warmth,

I just wonder "how on earth I was able to stay away as long as I have"?

Last week, I was struck with the idea that throughout history

pagan cultures have worshipped the Sun.

I can understand how they could be so decieved.

I don't mean that in a sacrilegious sense, and I know you inow that,

but just in case you are new here, that won't happen here! :)

But, the Sun (so I understand) is a picture of The Son,

and the moon which reflects the light of the sun, and has no light of its own,

is a picture of The Church, which reflects the light of The Son,

and has no light of its own.

Lately, I have been feeling that warmth and thinking

"Lord, I need You just like this sunlight, I need you to warm my heart.

This world is a cold place without you.

Help me tap into you more, so that I don't get hard,

so I don't get dry and shrivel up.

Warm me, Lord, bathe me in Your warmth.

How did I ever stay away this long?

Because I need you ALL the time,

wherever I go, whatever I do!"

"And it shall be in that day, says the Lord, that you will call Me Ishi [my Husband], and you shall no more call Me Baali [my Baal]."

Hosea 2:16


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Sunshine is a wonderful gift from God.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am with you girl--I don't know what I would have done lately without my time in the SON.
I so need Him.
Know what a shrew is?
ME--after sitting in the shadows too long.
Not a nice person.
Enjoy that sun. And then as someone once told me--BE THE MOON!

I was thinking today that I have not heard anything lately about how your womens group is going. Are ya'll still meeting?

luvmy4sons said...

I SO love the sun. Lots of vitamin D in sunshine! We vegans need that! Send some sun our way! I love the idea of the mooon reflecting the sun. We should all be moons reflecting the Son.

luvmy4sons said...

You can leave as many comments as you like on my blog dear sister. I am so glad you caught what I was trying to convey. The idea of being totally pervasive...the salt is IN the meat working...It is so hard to put into words this image God has given me but I could tell you captured it! Thanks for such kind words. And glad you enjoyed the butterflies!

freetofly said...

Heidi, isn't it though? we don't have snow (obviously) & I always think it would be great to have it, but sunshine, I think of the two, I choose sunshine!

Sharon, me too! Just sort of blah! Need. More. Sun! Oh, it is going great! I hope to post about it next week. It just hasn't been the right time yet to post on has to 'percolate' (that isn't a subliminal coffee reference, I promise!)

Leslie, I had no idea? but, now that you say that it makes dairy, etc. Moons, eh?! So, can I tell my husband we will be mooning people? Tee-hee! You know I can't resist cornball! Yes, I like that idea too!

and P.S. THANK YOU! Loved that post! And really truly appreciate you being a good sport about my spaz attack! :)

Hey, I linked to you!

G-Night everybody!

Denise said...

I always enjoy my time in the Son.

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