Friday, June 27, 2008

Looking Out the Kitchen Window - Is This a Female Thing?

FYI - This isn't my window, Ya'll! But its pretty, huh?

Today we had errands to do. Salt to buy for the water softener, economy bag of birdseed (we must feed the little tweetie birds, cardinals, blue jays & of course the squirrels!). Pig food for our pet hog. Gas for the lawn mower, and last but not least groceries to feed the hordes of teen age boys we are blessed that my son brings home.

You know how backs just can"go-out" suddenly? For no apparent reason? This happened today to hubby, in Home ***pot parking lot. It was awful to see the pain that swamped him. I think he'd rather have given birth.

So once again, my Action-Jackson is all a-twitter with a mental to-do list and a body that will not cooperate. Really, we should have listened closer to all those people who tried to tell what it would be like to grow older! :)

Anywho, all of this led to one of many recurring scenes in my life. We all have them. I was preparing dinner, cleaning up as I go. While I counted to 38,432,547 in hopes of biting my tongue, while my Action Jackson tried to recuperate in a mood that is something like a cross between almost not in a bad mood, almost in a good mood, I caught myself looking up and out the kitchen window. My hubby asked me what I was looking at (he actually thought I might have been making a funny face at something he said- I'm shocked! ;p), I explained that I was merely looking out the kitchen window while I worked. I further elaborated that it's something I often do.

As I said it, I thought about what prompts it, and what has come of my many gazes outside that window. As far as what prompts it, well, I love the outdoors. Every since I was little. No two-ways about that. They (the outdoors) give me peace above all, a sense of order in my heart and mind. So, it is an escape while I go about my repetitive routines. Sort of like when I use to look outside the window in 6th grade at CPS. Wishing I was outside in those bushes and play area, doing anything but more math and science! Now I don't indulge in wishful thinking like that, because I see the purpose and the value in what I do nowadays. But, I merely drink in the sight of blue skies, blue jays, cardinals, little tweety birds, some of the cheery plants we have put down this year, and lately quite a few squirrells . It is like a little mental/emotional mini-vacation. It's a great stress-reliever.

Many a prayer has been breathed at that window
. Many, many, many. What has come of those gazes out the kitchen window? Well, lots of answered prayers for sure! :) In the order of yard work - We have made many improvements to the view for one thing. Quite a few more planned. In the order of stress relieving - Lots of ugly things that could have been said, instead, just evaporated while gazing out that window. Numerous more wise and kinder things thought of and expressed in their stead. Many menu dilemma's for what to fix for supper solved while taking in the view of pine needles and blue skies.

I am thinking that a kitchen window has something in common with a fire extinguisher and a life perserver, you know those things they throw to people overboard - the little donut things? And I am sad for people who don't have the benefit of the kitchen window. These ponderings had a distinctly feminine slant to them, and to test my theory, I asked my hubby what he thought about kitchen windows! I wished I'd have had a camera pointed at him to capture the look of "Mmm...they're windows? and they go in the kitchen? What's wrong, is ours leaking?"

So, tell me ladies - do you use your kitchen window like I use mine? And if you don't have one - what DO you do? Where are the bodies hidden? Kidding! :)


luvmy4sons said...

LOL! I am so sorry about the back! Hmmmm....the kitchen window? Nope. Don't do that. But I will go out and sit on the deck. I get asked, "Whatcha doin'?" I say-just sitting on the deck. I like to look at the sky and see the green grass and feel the warm sun! don't get us. But I think I get you...we are kindred spirits! Hugs! Oh and I was so excited that the pic might have been your kitchen sink and window. It was GORGEOUS! Then BAM...but yours must be okay if you look out it that often! LOL!~

Denise said...

I love looking out my window sweetie.

StaceyStace said...

When I cook on Friday nights (date night), Mark and I sit at the table next to each other and look out the "picture" window in our kitchen. It is a peaceful way to enjoy a meal!

I also love to watch my kids walk home from the bus stop from there.

Yep. We like windows, all right!

Carole said...

Nature is for me what it is for you. So peaceful, so prayer inducing. One of the very best views in a house is out the window. Good post.

freetofly said...

Leslie - Yes, an escape of some sort outdoors is so settling and refreshing! It clears your heart and mind!

Denise - Happy 4th to you!

Stacey Stace - How sweet! Good for you two! How much do we (people in general) miss enjoying the beautiful things we have some times? To me that is as much good stewardship as some of the more practical aspects often spoken of.

Carole - :) Thank you! Great to hear from you!

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Well, I don't have a kitchen window really at this moment...but I do have a truck window. And since we have been spending so much time in our vehicles lately.....there are no hidden bodies because I look out over the scenery going by.
And all the while..when the occasion arises....I cry out for God to-- Shut my mouth!
Maybe I should have just been praying for Him to protect my husband. :)

What Does it Mean Anyway? "Free to Fly"...

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