Monday, June 23, 2008

Weddings, Tuxedos, and Cowboys!

Left - Groom's good friend Keith from OK, Center - The Groom -Travis, Right - My Husband!

Hi, Everybody! Hope you all had a good weekend! As you can see we were at a wedding over the weekend. We are so happy for the couple. Really good people. She made a beautiful bride, and he is just a wonderful guy, and was a groom who was running around making sure everyone had everything they needed. Very gracious host.

Hubby and I

It was lots of fun to go to something with Jerry, dressed up and just have fun. He was such a riot and a ham. As he usually is at a gathering. Its just been a while since we were at one for such an extended period of time. Most of the people we got to know and visit with were the groom's family and friends. They were all from Oklahoma and Kansas. Between the rehearsal dinner and the wedding (and there was a little snafu with the time that made everything an 1 hour later than orginally planned - but somehow that just gave us all more time to visit! It was good!), it was just one, long festive time! It was a little sad to say goodbye to the really, great people we met and made friends with so quickly!
Hubby and another good friend and groomsman -

I was so proud of him this weekend! He was just so much fun and very thoughtful! You wouldn't know this unless you knew him, but every one of these pictures has him at just before he cracks up and makes a joke to crack everyone else up. He can barely contain himself at these things. He is like a precocious 11 year old at these times! I confess that when we said our vows, we were holding hands and he was tickling my hand the whole time to try and make me giggle!
Happy Summer, Ya'll!!


luvmy4sons said...

OOOH! I SO loved seeing you finally! What a beautiful couple you make.(: I can see why you are so in love with your cowboy man! He sounds so fun loving! I am glad that he allowed you to post pics! So glad you had a great time! I pray blessings upon you both! Oh...and thanks for my prayer...and I KNEW you would understand! Hugs!

Cecily R said...

Well look at you two being all cute and dressed up!! What a fabulous couple you make!

Denise said...

You and your husband are a very lovely couple. So glad that you enjoyed your weekend.

nanatrish said...

You look great! Such a handsome cowboy husband too. I'm glad you had fun and I hope we see more pictures of the event. It's fun to get dressed up once in a while. Life is good!

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful picture. I'm so glad to finally have a face to put with my lovely friend, Maria. Ya'll look like you had a good time. Weddings are fun. You and your hubby make a cute couple. Ya'll all cowboy-d up. I say yee-ha, girl! (Smiles and Blessings!)

Joyful Days said...

Sounds like fun!! You are so pretty! You and your hubby make a great pair.

Karen said...

How awesome to see a picture of you - you are lovely!!! What a great couple you make.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Way to go girl! Finally I get to put a face to the writing. Thank you...thank you---I was beginning to think maybe you had two heads or something. Ha Ha! Just kidding!
You are beautiful....loved the pictures of you and hubby. Your man sounds alot like mine.
Glad ya'll had a good time at the wedding and a good time together.
Thanks again for the picture! It is nice to match your beautiful heart to your sweet face.

freetofly said...

Leslie - :) Thank you! On all counts! I was SO glad he said yes, too! Backatchya', Girlie! :)

Cecily - Thank you! He makes life fun, that's for sure! Much like your Jon!

Denise - Thanks! We did have a great time!

Nanatrish - Welcome! Thank you very much! He's a hoot! And yes, I heartily agree, Life IS GOOD!

Tiff - you are so sweet! Thanks so much ! I'm glad he finally said yes!

Julie - Thanks! Yeah, I'm thinking I will keep him, at least another 25 yrs anyway!

Karen - thank you! It's funny I have been wanting to post a pic for awhile, BUT, I have been holding out to get one with him. FINALLY, he was ready! :)!

Sharon - Yes, I think Keith & Jerry have lots in common, & so do you & I! RE: my 2nd head, I had it tucked under so as not to freak you all out! LOL! :)


Carole said...

I love these pictures and you are both first rate lookers. Very nice.

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