Monday, April 7, 2008

Winners of - March Thank You!

And the Winners are: Denise of Shorty Bear's Place & Cecily of My Chaos My Bliss!
Congratulations you two! And to Everyone: Thanks for playing! These are fun to do! I will be in touch with you both to get your addresses. And I expect to be mailing out to you both about the 18th of April (Next Friday).

I bet Ya'll thought I forgot!
Not a chance though!
I just have this weird thing that I can't do the next contest,
until the last one is received and all is well!
A quirky hang-up of mine; for all the details to be squared away,
but let's not dwell on my weirdness! That's for some other day!
For this month, I have 3 different prizes to choose from,
and there will be 2 winners.
The contest starts as soon as I post this and you leave a comment.
It ends Friday April 4th.
I will announce the winner the following Monday, April 7th.
So here's the deal. You can choose the "How Great is Our God" DVD
that I referred to in the post "Holding It All Together".
There is a picture of it above this post.
This DVD is a great thing to watch with friends or family.
It'd be great for teens to watch with their friends who are considering if God is real.
Because the guy who does this (Lou Giglio) is very, very animated,
and gives all sorts of completely fascinating scientific facts that beg the question,
"How could this randomly occur?"
But he does it in a sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-in-awe-fashion.
Not dry. At. All.
Or you can choose the book "When I Lay My Isaac Down" by Carol Kent,
pictured below.

And lastly there is a sequel to the book above, which I haven't read yet,
but I hear is very good, so I plan on reading it soon.
I couldn't get the picture of it to work, but if you click on the title,
it will take you to a summary of the book on CBD's website.
I do this because God has put it on my heart to give back to you all,
because you richly bless me through your friendship and encouragement.
Next month, I am thinking some silly fun.
We'll see!
Hurry and leave your comment so you can be entered!


Karen said...

Oh could I possibly join in? The book sounds very good (and very challenging too!)

luvmy4sons said...

Count me in dear sister. I read part of a New Kind of Normal, but with all that is going on got busy then couldn't renew it, but what I read was great! I think I will go for the DVD since I have a lot of teens in my life! LOL! You are so sweet and kind!

freetofly said...

Karen, you betchya! :)

Leslie, good choice for your family! and Thank you as always!

Gotta run, I get to go teach my young girls the Esther class! :)


StaceyStace said...

Oh pick me! Pick me!
I'll take the book! :-)

...if only I had this confidence and boldness in math class...

Denise said...

Count me in sweet one.

Chris said...

Please pick me. thanks.

MelanieJoy said...

Count me in too. I think I'd like the book.

Cecily R said...

I need to know what the new kind of normal is...since I don't know what the old kind is either! :)

Anonymous said...

hello, please enter me in your drawing! praise2thelord at yahoo


Anonymous said...

sorry, its praise2thelord2002 at yahoo dotcom

thankyou again


Nicki said...

Count me in! Fun stuff!!

Irritable Mother said...

OK, I know you SAID this closed Friday, but since you haven't posted the winner...if you're still "open"...if you're extending grace...Can I join? *grin*

Regina said...

If you are still taking people than enter me...PLLLEEEEAAAASSEEEE!!

Denise said...

Thank you so much sweetie, love you my friend.

Ally said...

Oh man I can´t believe I missed that..but hey...since I won the book the other time I will just satisfy myself with that!! Thanks for hosting this though! You´re great!

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