Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Sunshine After The Rain & The Promise of His Love!


"Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is EVER ready to believe the BEST of EVERY person, its hopes are FADELESS under ALL circumstances, and it endures EVERYTHING [withOUT weakening]."

1 Corinthians 13:7

I know, BIG type! But, I felt it was necessary in this case. Picture me jumping up and down as I emphasize this, (for my own benefit if nothing else)! Because if there was ever a verse that needed to be like...I dunno...tattooed on my arms, so that I could refer to it at a moments notice in a spiritual cheat sheet; this would be THAT verse!

Remember the happy after-glow of a thankful heart, which prompted me to post last on prayer?! Wasn't that lovely?! Yeah, I was enjoying that, too! It continued on into Friday. My Honey and I had made plans to replace our water tank and water pump. We had had the same ones for 20 years this past January, and they were on their last legs. He does such good work, and I love handing him tools and pieces of stuff. I kept the radio playing songs we like, and we just were having a great time.

I was feeling so mushy about the kids we were when we first bought the original tank and pump, and how far God has brought us two, pretty much clueless young people, to now middle age, and at least we now are aware that we are clueless! Having tried it both ways, I think it's a lot better to know that, than to think you have ALL the answers!

Then came Friday night. My Honey went fishing with his brother (who lives next door, I know so cliched and Southern, but true!) They are two, hard working, family men, who don't get to do this very often, because of conflicting schedules. We checked the weather and there was no rain scheduled until Saturday afternoon. All was well until up comes a rain storm (love that!) and they headed back to the boat ramp. As the boat aproached the dock and ramp, he jumped from boat to concrete dock with barnacle covered side, at the same time as the boat skittered backwards a little. He landed in a very undignified manner which I won't go into detail about, even though he is a REALLY good sport. But, he did bust up his nose, scraped up one shin in the barnacles and broke his arm. The pain was so bad, that by the time they got the boat home, and he was getting ready to walk from his brothers, to our place, he PASSED OUT while standing talking to his brother.

All this I took with grace. So far so good. If you are reading this thinking, "Well, that's very nice that you could be gracious about HIS pain", don't worry, it gets worse BEFORE it gets better! There was some initial question, as to IF his arm was broken, so once I had doctored him a little and checked his eyes to see if they would constrict in the light, we figured it was a good idea to go to bed, and see what the morning brought. We had a full day planned for Saturday, but we knew it may have to change, if he needed to go to an urgent care clinic. It was a long night. Bless his heart, he is truly my man of steel. But, even Superman has Kryptonite. You know what I mean, your honeys seem just as invincible to you. That's how it is supposed to be. So, we got up and were at the clinic first thing. It turned into something like Homer's Odyssey. We arrived at 8:00 a.m. opening, and left a little after 12:00 noon. They had diagnosed it as broken and taken a set of x-rays. By the time we left there were 2 nurses who I thought very little of. One in particular left a sour impression on me just before we left. We now headed out for our referral to an urgent care after hours Orthopedic clinic, which we didn't even know existed (or we would have went there first).

So my Superman has a cast and will be out of work for ever how long it takes. Fortunately we have great insurance on him and he has lots of stored up sick leave, because he has a terrific work ethic and is very healthy, thank the Good Lord!

There were and are so many things to be thankful for in this. But, the reality of him having a broken bone and missing work. (You may skip the next couple of lines and just read them as WHINE!) No Overtime (which is something we count on), just 2 snotty nurses, (many nice people) and the remnants of my flu, and not getting home from everything until 2:30 p.m.. All that was to be done when we got home. 2 children with cell phones we could not communicate with. And lots of other things which just don't matter made me like this:

Yes, I was not a pretty picture by yesterday evening! Especially on the inside! Of course it was pretty obvious to anyone within 30 feet of me as well! As I mulled on the loss of my "happy place" in the Lord, and life in general, I was so stricken at the lack of love inside me, and that I could be that unloving. When we have SO much to be grateful for! There was a day he didn't have insurance for one. He probably won't need surgery for two. He has more than enough leave time on the books. He won't miss a pay check. I could go on, but you know, because I don't think I'm alone in this. We all have much to be grateful for. And yet...

"... the little foxes that spoil the vineyards [of our love], for our vineyards are in blossom. "

Song of Solomon 2:15

And yet...we all can let the little things spoil that place inside of us that lets love live. The place the lets love operate within us in a way that makes us able to overlook other people's smallness. To give a soft answer in the face of wrath, to turn the other cheek. The place that allows us to just plain focus on what is important, what is essential, and NOT what seems urgent. Love let's us have what I call "God's priorities". To have His priorities is something I started praying for just a very few years ago. From time to time, when the way seems murky, or I feel overwhlemed I know it is time to pursue that path of prayer again. His priorities help me let go of the little things.

Wish I had started that early yesterday morning. Oops!

I am properly repentant and back on track, but what a yukky taste in mouth yesterday left! I had an opportunity to really show Jesus to my husband. Instead he got to see Little Miss Ugly! You know, that glassy-eyed scary, little girl in the picture above! Ok, maybe not quite that bad...MAYBE! :)

It stormed Friday Night. It stormed last night (in my ugly mood), and this morning as we went off to church the sun was shining, and I was reminded again of the fact that the rain comes, but it IS a blessing every time. And I was reminded last night during my distress at my ugliness, of the Promise of His Love. When the sun shines after the rain, we see rainbows sometimes, as a reminder of His faithfulness, even when we are not.

Hug your Honey, your kids, your grandkids, your nieces, your nephews or your Bippy if you like. But have a great night, Ya'll!


maria (no longer Miss Ugly)



Tiffany said...

Hey Honey- we all have bad days. It's ok, you're just open to honestly sharing about them. I glad the worst is over. Hang in there- blessings my friend!

StaceyStace said...

I'm glad your honey is okay! Sorry to hear about your challenging weekend. It's so good that God brought your perspective back into line so quickly. Sometimes it takes DAYS for me to get over the yuckiness! Thanks for being a light.

Joyful Days said...

Prayers for mending that arm of your hubby's.

Wowzer, what a trial you all had to go through. And I'm sure you're not ugly. Someone ugly would be content to stew in the crabby juice. You my dear saw a spot to work on & went to it. With, of course, help from the Father.

Thanks for being so transparent.



luvmy4sons said...

I am so sorry about hubby. Ouch! And you know, it's okay you fell apart. We all do it. The key is you heard the voice of God and remembered to be thankful. You are not alone in this! You fought the good fight and came out on the side with the rainbow! Way to go girlfriend. AND I SO needed to be reminded of the rainbow because it is dark and stormy over here as well-not in MY house but in the life of my friend's house. Thank you.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am so sorry about your husband!
I guess that ya'll will be having a little extra time together.
Your reaction reminded me much of myself. Those times I react and then want to kick myself because I think I should be past such imperfections.
Seems like I am having a lot of those times lately.:(
We visited a new church yesterday and the message was on anger. appropriate for me at this time.
I think I might borrow your verse at the top of the post. ;)
Enjoy your extra little time with your man. A little gift from God?
Thank you for sharing this.

freetofly said...

Tiff, yeah, this being compelled to be transparent, it "ain't always fun"! But, I do it in submission to the Holy Spirit. If sharing my journey, helps someone else in theirs, it's all worth it. And I trust that's the case. For we walk by faith, not by sight!

Stacey, Thanks! He is feeling much better today. Yesterday was a rough adjustment still. But today is LOADS better!

Julie, You are so kind and encouraging! Thank you! Those prayers mean a lot, too, because I am so hopeful that he won't need the surgery. Hopeful that his arm will take to this immobility for healing.

Leslie, Thanks as always! And isn't the promise wonderful to consider? No matter the darkest of the storms, we have the promise of the rainbow to assure us that we will not be overwhelmed with the waters...

Sharon, thanks for those prayers! Priceless! Visiting churches? must e-mail me....elaborate please! I would love some insights on this topic...

TO ALL: Thanks for all your kind thoughts and wishes! My patient is MUCH better! And my youngest and I are SO MUCH better than we were last week, and even this weekend!

God Bless you with rhema word this week, we all need that fresh word breathed into our Him!

Denise said...

Blessings to you, and your dear husband. Thanks for always being so honest my friend.

Knit-Wit said...

I am so sorry to read about your husband's arm.

I know exactly how you felt. Even though the pain was your husbands, it is still painful for you. Your life will be different now while his arm heals. It is an inconvienence to all of you.

But you have a wonderful opportunity to show grace, love, and a servant heart to your husband as you help him through these one arm days - and you will be blessed.

I'll be praying for quick and complete healing!

Carole said...

And it's days like this we are so thankful for God's grace. And we so want to learn it for ourselves, because we could not escape with out his. Nor can the two nurses escape without yours. Which I know you gave them.

It is funny that I read this today as I am as angry as I can be with a couple of my small group members and I want to put thier little heads in a vice and squeeze, but since you get out of sorts once-in-while, I guess I will let them live. And I will try to learn grace.

Your post was just what I needed for my small sized heart today.

BunnyGirl said...

Hi Maria,

So sorry to hear about hubby's accident. I truly hope and pray that he doesn't need surgery after this. Thank goodness you have insurance. I hope that this particular storm is over soon for you.

freetofly said...

Carole, THANK YOU for that vote of confidence! Yes, I behaved...but, certainly it was a very close thing! And you are so correct, that days like that make His grace so tangible, so real, because I needed it (and still do) SO MUCH!

Thanks for making me chuckle with your comments! I trust everyone's little heads are all intact in your neck of the woods! Tee-hee! Love that picture! It would make for a great "churchladyesque" music video! Would it not? I could definitely picture it! :)

Bunny Girl, thank you loads. He is making progress every day!

Thanks you all!

What Does it Mean Anyway? "Free to Fly"...

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