Friday, July 4, 2008

My Country 'Tis of Thee!

Happy Independence Day, Ya'll! Yesterday as we headed to the beach, I thought about this song. I was saddened to think that though I could roll the memory bank and hear it in my head and heart, most children and even young people in our country today, I don't believe can do that. Where will we be if we don't do a better job of passing on America's cultural history and tradition to our children? As I researched the lyrics for this posting, I further saw the emphasis on the role education plays in strengthening liberty, as noted by the author in the lyrics.

This particularly pricked my heart "No tyrant hand shall smite, While with encircling might All here are taught the Right With Truth allied." Can we really say that "all" are taught that? Especially the last 4o years or so?

Lord, America has so much to thank you for. We honor You and give You all the glory today for the freedoms and privileges we enjoy. Help us do a better job of honoring you, loving each other and leading lives of excellence, both in word and deed. Help The Church to do what the government was never intended to do. Teach us to be good citizens once again. Do a work in our hearts and minds, because we don't seem to know how to do this ourselves. Don't let us watch a pedestrian be run over and not move to help. Not ever again. Don't let us know that someone is hungry or without electricity and not help them. Not ever again. Don't let us hold back from our tithe. That is part of how we fund the help others need. God bless us, we need You! Bless, keep, encourage and keep safe our military, and first responders and their families! Thank you, Father for the opportunities You have blessed us with! The goodness, the richness. Now help us to give back! To stand strong! To serve You by serving others! Lord, deliver us from the disease of apathy!

My country, 'tis of Thee
by Samuel F. Smith - 1832
My country, 'tis of Thee,
Sweet Land of Liberty
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims' pride,
From every mountain side
Let Freedom ring.
My native country, thee,
Land of the noble free,
Thy name I love;
I love thy rocks and rills,
Thy woods and templed hills,
My heart with rapture thrills
Like that above.
Let music swell the breeze,
And ring from all the trees
Sweet Freedom's song;
Let mortal tongues awake;
Let all that breathe partake;
Let rocks their silence break,
The sound prolong.
Our fathers' God to Thee,
Author of Liberty,
To thee we sing,
Long may our land be bright
With Freedom's holy light,
Protect us by thy might
Great God, our King.
Our glorious Land to-day,'
Neath Education's sway,
Soars upward still.
Its hills of learning fair,
Whose bounties all may share,
behold them everywhere
On vale and hill!
Thy safeguard, Liberty,
The school shall ever be,
Our Nation's pride!
No tyrant hand shall smite,
While with encircling might
All here are taught the Right
With Truth allied.
Beneath Heaven's gracious will
The stars of progress still
Our course do sway;
In unity sublime
To broader heights we climb,
Triumphant over Time,
God speeds our way!
Grand birthright of our sires,
Our altars and our fires
Keep we still pure!
Our starry flag unfurled,
The hope of all the world,
In peace and light impearled,
God hold secure!



MelanieJoy said...

Hope you are having a Wonderful day!!!!

luvmy4sons said...

It was good to read those lyrics written out like that! I hope you have a wonderful fourth dear sister. Amen to your prayer!

Denise said...

Amen, such a lovely prayer. Happy 4th my dear friend.

Cecily R said...

I love that song. In our church we sing patriotic songs in July. Aside from Christmas its my favorite time of year to sing. Those songs just give me the chills everytime I get the opportunity hear or sing them!

Tiffany said...

I love this song. it was the first I learned to play on the piano. Beautiful! I really do love America, and I'm so thankful I live here. Like Cecily, I love the holiday songs for the 4th. This song, The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, and Lee Greenwood's God Bless the U.S.A. That song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Blessings on your 4th my friend!

Joyful Days said...

I love this song too. I really want my children to have these songs banked in their memories.

We sang "God Bless America" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" at church on Sunday. Two other really wonderful songs.



Carole said...

Patriotism doesn't seem to be in vogue anymore. That's just dumb. I loved the post, the songs, and mostly the country behind the songs. And the men and women who cared enough to die for our freedom.

freetofly said...

A belated Happy Fourth to you all! I hope you are all having a pleasurable summer time & making crazy, silly memories with your families!

God Bless you and keep you & speak gently to you and your family!


What Does it Mean Anyway? "Free to Fly"...

Well, it's like this: Here are some of the Webster's Dictionary definitions of Free: a : having the legal and political rights of a citizen b : enjoying civil and political liberty c : enjoying political independence or freedom from outside domination d : enjoying personal freedom : not subject to the control or domination of another2 a : not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being : choosing or capable of choosing for itself...having a scope not restricted by qualification 7 a : not obstructed, restricted, or impeded ...Now, here are some of the Webster's Dictionary definitions of Fly:1 a : to move in or pass through the air with wings b : to move through the air or before the wind or through outer space c : to float, wave, or soar in the air ... a : to take flight ...6 : to work successfully ...Examples which apply from Websters: fly high : to be elated - fly in the face of or fly in the teeth of : to stand or act forthrightly or brazenly in defiance or contradiction of

What does this mean in my life? This means that in life we are meant to be free. While historically mankind has not always enjoyed the opportunity to fully appreciate what that means, we are so indescribably fortunate as to live in a time of the greatest spiritual, physical, financial and political freedom ever known. Freedom doesn't come cheap, nor does it come easy. But the best things in life don't come that way do they? As I write this I am struck by how this sounds like a political statement, and for me this is much more of a spiritual thing, but, same goes for that (political that is). Freedom doesn't come easy. And it's worth whatever fight you have to make to overcome in your life in order to live a life that succeeds. Now the questions is - what is success for you? What is your standard? In my mind what is needed is a definite target - because you can't hit and maintain a moving target. A stable, rock-solid, anchor with no variable, yet multi-faceted. Something pure, just and worthy. If you look at any web page of news you can see that our society is certainly lacking in this area. What a great time to live as a rebel! Nowadays to be a rebel, all you have to do is be willing to engage in the battle of life, while anchored to Christ!