Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Family Nicknames - Terms of Endearment

Remember the post Weddings, Cowboys and Tuxedos about the wedding hubby and I went to in June? Well, what I didn't tell you is, as we prepared to leave early that afternoon, up come one of our famous afternoon thunderstorms. Florida is known for these. They come suddenly, leave just as suddenly, then out comes the sunshine!

Well, as I sat in kitchen putting on my heels, listening to the downpour I saw something shiny on the wall opposite from me. It's the wall behind the stove. As I peered at it, I realized it was a STREAM of water running (not walking) down the wall. Clearly something around the exhaust fan pipe on the roof had come lose. As I showed it to my hubby, up came the thunder. Whooowheee! Was he hot to trot! This has been a year of repairs, but for every repair The Lord has graciously and wonderfully provided for us. And the things truly outside of reach to repair at this time, mercifully, have not needed it. We have a list of things we want to replace as we can. But there is nothing on there that we are lacking at this time, its just the knowing the time is apporaching, where it will NEED to be replaced. He was under the impression that possibly the whole roof was in need of replacement. I made the strategic (bad timing!) error of pointing out the possibility that it could just be around where the exhaust pipe comes out in the roof, i.e. something simple, followed by "Hey, we could put some of the plastic stuff around the pipe until we fix it!" Not my smoothest move! But, I wasn't done! No, not by far! As he rattled out the concern he had at so many things to be replaced, I followed up with this "Well, it really hasn't been that bad, Honey. We have been able to handle it all, and the really super expensive things are hanging in there!" Again, not good timing! It makes me laugh to type it! We went on to the wedding, which was about 30 minutes away, and we got our happy on, on the way there. We were giggling by the time we got there.

Anywho, he shared with me that he was just getting a little overwhelmed and exasperated at the things facing him to replace and repair. And wait for it, wait for it....he just didn't need to hear from Mrs Polly Sunshine! Tee-hee! We both laughed at that! I DO have tendency to be optimistic, and I do trust God a whole lot. But I also have my struggles! Mercifully, mercifully, we don't struggle at the same time. We balance each other out! Thank the Good Lord! But, if you HAD to peg each of us, we have concluded that his nickname is Rolling Thunder, always quick to be the voice of caution! Mine would have to be Mrs Polly Sunshine, because sometimes I need to just listen and keep my cheerful thoughts between me and God, until a more fortuitous time presents itself!

And we recently told our youngest that makes him Little Thunderhead! He also has the nickname Jellybean, and that is probably his favorite. Even my oldest had one growing up, Jamie-doo, was his. My Mama did a great job of calling all her 4 children by various terms of endearment, and we all knew that those names meant we were loved. It made us feel special, and cared for. I have been thinking how important that is to a child. When I was a supervisor at the Sheriff's Office, I had a few that needed a nickname, and I was always happy to oblige.

I love that when we go to Heaven we get a brand new name. I can hardly contain myself at the thought sometimes of what that name might be. What secret about myself, that He knows, and I don't yet see and appreciate!

So, how about you all? And nicknames? Any terms of endearment?
Much love,
Mrs Polly Sunshine!


luvmy4sons said...

You are Polly Sunshine! I can just hear you saying... "Hubby maybe it isn't that bad..." LOL! I call myself a realist...some would say a pessimist...I am NOT polly sunshine but often DO try to put a positive spin on things for loved ones when they are disappointed! Hubby has called me all kinds of names over the years...he likes to rhyme. Leslie became Lester...then Lester Pester....then Caker( I have no idea...don't ask)Also Caker Facers( he says I have fluffy cheeks.) There is one that is not so good ends in er...begins with L...the boys cringe when he says it aloud! He does all the nicknaming around here with the boys too. They usually involve a twist on their names! I pretty much just call him honey. Boring. I know! I enjoyed your story. Love you keeping it real too sister! Hugs to you!

Denise said...

I really liked this story sweetie. My nicknames:shortybear, shorty,lovebug,muffin,sunshine, princess.honeybunches of honey!! lol

Poopsie said...

Let's see:
Princess Poopie
Brian Earle Squirrel
Old Owl
Little One
Pumpkin Head
Red Sox Freak

I make up new ones everyday, I think. :) It suits my mood and just how much I want to reach out and say "I love you".

Anonymous said...

When my dd signs her cards to me, she signs them from a list of the many names I call her. It's a big list so she takes a select few. I've never liked my real name so when folks call me Nese (neesee), I prefer it. My dh can't bring himself to call me that though. I was a cook once so my nickname was "cookie". I haven't been called that in years. YIKES! I'm going to sign off or I'm going to feel really old really fast.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

My girl's all have names.....Kennyboo, TaterTot and Hopie Hope. It's fun! Loved your name!! =)

Irritable Mother said...

Mrs. Polly Sunshine? I love it!!!
If you and I were in the same room with a leaking roof, the men-folk might get a little sickened by the sunshine. *grin*
My best friend in junior high gave me the nickname KareBear - this was before Care Bears were out. (And I thought it was soooo cool to have a stuffed animal named after me!) To this day, my dad still calls me Bear.

Joyful Days said...

Well the boys really are "Roo" and "Boo" to us, I didn't make those up for the blog. The boys and Daddy have their own names for each other (which Mommy is not supposed to be included in that "guy stuff").

I've been known to call my husband "Dark Cloud" and "Crabby Old Man" more than once (he calls himself those too--I did not originate them). He usually doesn't call me anything unusual. But I will guarantee I am NOT Polly Sunshine.

I can totally see you being that!



Sharon Brumfield said...

I love the idea also that we will get new names in heaven. Beth did a great teaching on this when I went to Tx.
She said we would know the reason and meaning for our new would be something that would remind us of what we had been through and how far He had brought us. Something along those lines anyway.
I don't think we had a nickname for our son...but Julia is JU JU B.Keith calls me WOMAN and I call him BABY.
We all call each other goober when we do something silly.
Hey, it's not so bad to be called a chocolate covered NUT. :)

StaceyStace said...

Mrs. Polly Sunshine? What a blessing to have that name!

My brother called me "Taypoo", my dad called me "Daisy", my friends called me "Duck" and Mark calls me "Staceystace". He is "MarkieMark" and the kids are "Dan the Man", "Pickles" and "Sara- Sara". We obviously like to accent our names by calling them twice!
Oh...and we won't discuss the other names I've been called... =)

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