Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Keeping the Peace!

How do you feel about Police Officers?
Not too crazy about them? Grudging respect? Indifferent? Suspicious?
Are they people who get behind you on the freeway and make you late for work?

Or are they maybe the people who pass you on the freeway
and that makes you angry?

Or maybe you are one of those seeming few who know police are just people too.
Many good, some bad.

Maybe you consider that the Profession is an honorable one.
It's up to the person wearing the badge on any given day how that turns out.

I remember where I was sitting talking to my (then) boyfriend on the phone,
when he told me he might like to become a State Trooper.

Can you imgaine instant horror?

I came from a decent church going, praying at the kitchen table family,
but even in "nice" families, many times you hear bad reports or even worse,
experience a bad traffic stop or something of that nature.

In the re-telling of those stories in the kitchen, living room and dining room,
young minds are quick to form opinions.

Not to mention, that I was born in 1965. I graduated in 1983,
and it was a COMPLETELY different culture then.
Think movies like "Every Which Way but Loose", "Smokey and the Bandit".

Think drinking age 18.

Think parents of some kids would BUY the keg and allow us
to have the keg party at their house if we would behave "pretty" good!?

So, cops equaled people who "busted" our keg parties, and caught us skipping school.
Not cool, Ya'll!

That girl grew up and that boy grew up. They got married. Life happened.
He worked and worked hard. He did lots of things.
Through it all, he had many, many hobbies!

She got a job in the local sheriff's office.
In a clerical (what we call a support capacity,
she was "working for the man!").

Who would've thought that?

She was privileged to work under a brand new sherrif (beginning in '85),
and while she couldn't fully comprehend with her young,
immature mind the opportunity she had, the blessing she had,
she knew that it was a great group to be part of.

They worked to make law enforcement a Profession there. Not a job.
The sheriff at that time (and for a full 20 years) taught them to
"Do the Right Thing for The Right Reason".

Her husband finally admitted, he STILL wanted to be in law enforcement...
It was going to be a sacrifice, but it would be worth it
to do what he greatly desired.

He had dropped out of high school to go into the National Guard.
So now he could no longer procrastinate. He'd have to get his GED.

He'd have to have corrective surgery on an injury that happened when he was 18.

He had to change jobs to have a schedule that would permit him to get off in time for the evening law enforcment academy class.

(btw the job was digging trenches for pipe on the new courthouse being built, right across from the office she worked at. All day long in the hot Florida sun, while she worked in the air conditioning across the street. Somehow it just didn't feel right to know what his day was like, when hers was so good, so privileged. THEN he went to school all night, which began with running several miles!)

There were many obstacles to overcome beyond the academy.
But, we won't weigh this post down with anymore of them!

Destiny has a way of overwhelming circumstances, in order to bring what's meant to be to pass!
He DID succeed in achieving his positon in his calling to law enforcment!
I like to tell people "he found the hobby he can make a living at"!
That's just part of one officer's story, my husband, who of course I am quite partial to,
as you can imagine!
This post is a special request of his. He doesn't know
I have put all this stuff about him in here.
That wasn't what he wanted me to talk about.
I merely took the liberty of trying to personalize the facts he wanted me to write about.
We got a local law enforcement publication last week.
And he asked me to tell you all what it said. Because it was important to him.
He thinks it will matter to you. And he knows in this "Informations Age"
we can't always comprehend all that is thrown at us every day.

In the U.S. in 2007 there were 186 deaths in the line of duty
for law enforcement officers. That's about 1 every other day that doesn't come home, that doesn't make it to his or her children's baseball or soccer game.
That doesn't attend his parents anniversary party.
That doesn't make it to her wedding.

It's a sharp spike from the previous year

With all the reports of bad law enforcement officers, it's good to remember,
many really do just want to "catch the bad guys & keep the peace".
They really do want to help people.
They really do see a lot of sad, seemingly hopeless situations.
All jobs have opportunities for honor and integrity.
Many have their dangers, and thankless tasks.
But, not too many computer programmers have a risk,
of not coming home after they go to work.
Not too many cars sales women have much chance of being shot at,
when they approach a vehicle and ask the driver to please step out of the car.

Sometimes the authority figure who makes us late for work, because we got stopped for forgetting to renew our tag, seems so stern, and when we actually get a ticket,
we now have the potential of higher insurance rates.
It's real hard to feel all warm and fuzzy about them then.
I know. I've been that person.
But, I enjoy to peek behind the sunglasses, and see the person.
Consider their humanity.
Incidentally, my husband has not been home on Easter Sunday in 14 years.
It's mandatory to work that day (here) because we have a huge Easter parade.
While that is not thrilling, we consider it a small price to pay
for him to do what he was made to do, what he loves to do.

I hope you will be inspired to join with me in praying that our law enforcment personnel
will seek the Lord for their wisdom, strength and protection. That they will choose righteousness and courage, kindness and mercy in all that they do.


Carole said...

My favorite shows are cop shows...does that count? In all seriousness, I appreciate very much what your husband does. I hate that they become targets of rage and hate. Tell him thanks for me.

Irritable Mother said...

Has your husband read this post? I think he would be pleased!
Yeah, I don't think it's right for police officers to be targets of rage and hate either. Will you give him my thanks, too?

Mel's World said...

I love that you LOVE your husband SO much and SO passionately that you would go into all those details to celebrate your man! What a great couple you two must be!!!

You go girl, keep championing your guy, he deserves it and so do you!!!

luvmy4sons said...

First thank your husband for me for being faithful to keeping your community safe. I surely will add law enforcement to my prayer list. I can't say that I regularly pray for law enforcement. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs to you both! Oh, and loved the personalization.

Denise said...

Please thank your husband for me, and I will lift him up in my prayers sweetie.

A Stone Gatherer said...

God bless those men and women who put their lives on the line every day! We are just in the midst of a trial for someone who killed a police officier! Tell your husband thank you!

Tiffany said...

I have an uncle and cousin (father/son)retired from law enforcement. They both served in Denver, Colorado for years. I have such a great respect for them both. My husband's favorite show is cops as well. He often says now that if he hadn't gone into medicine, he might have considered law enforcement. I think it's neat that ya'll shared somewhat of the same profession. Do you think that strengthened the bond b/w ya'll as husband and wife?

freetofly said...

Carole, LOL! Most of mine too! Right now we are into Psych, Monk, CSI:NY, The Unit (military), NCIS, and Numbers...yes, we are not ashamed of our TV watching ways around here! (Tivo rocks!) :)

And thanks for the thought, I will tell him!

Karen, as I am typing this, I have conveyed everyone's kind thoughts to him. He is less than thrilled to be in the "spotlight" (he wanted the emphasis on the fallen)! :)

But, he DOES appreciate the kindess!

Mel, thanks! He's just now realizing that I took what he intended as a simple "bulletin style post" and personalized it (more of that difference btwn men and women!)! Oops! I just thought it'd help make them more real! AND you ARE right, I AM proud of him! Thanks for coming along for the ride with me!

Leslie, thank you! I don't know that I ever would have thought of them in that way either, if it wasn't for both of our experiences...Thanks a bunch!

A Stone Gatherer, goodness, I am so sorrowful to hear that. THIS was the REAL reason he wanted me to do the post, is to rememebr the fallen, and their families. My prayers are with that family, and the jury, and the suspect. Thank you so much for your comment.

Tiff, well my respects to your uncle and cousin! That's a big city to serve in! They have no doubt seen a whole lot in their life times!

Did it makes us closer, well, funny you ask, bc I have recently been "reminded" just in my heart of God's gracious tendency to line up our desires with His will, then bless us with the fullfillment! It's a long story, but the short answer is YES! Emphatically so! And also, I SINCERELY believe that God uses what materials He has, and is able to give other couples who DON'T necessarily have that in common, they will have something ELSE they share, which gives Him building material to strengthen the bond btwn husband and wife...just my thoughts! :)

TO ALL: all your kind thoughts and prayers ARE SO VERY MUCH appreciated. I didn't realize until I saw A Stone Gathers's (Kim's) comments, that I tended to focus on the living...and that's all well and good, but, it challenged me to be sure and remember the fallen and their families!

Thanks again, all Ya'll! Hope your day is a sweet and memorable one!

Sandy said...

Thank you for posting this. Our city recently lost an officer in the line of duty...always hard. As we like to say to military members and their families- THANK YOU for serving.

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